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A greek myth for kids: Zeus and his thunder

Today, we're going to tell you a myth for kids, about the greek God Zeus. Zeus was the supreme god of Olympus, son of Saturn and Rhea, grandson of Uranus and Gaia. Brothers and sisters were Hera, Poseidon, Pluto, Estia and Dimitra. His father swallowed all children of Rhea because he was afraid that the prophecy of Uranus might come true and one of his children would take his throne. So, Rhea realized that only with tricking could save her children , so she wrapped a stone and she gave to the Saturn. He immediately swallowed the stone and she went to Crete and gave birth to Zeus on the mountain Dikti or Idi.  SHOP Zeus Power Blue T-Shirt Αs...

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A story about Apollo: the God of Music

God Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He was born at Delos under a palm tree. As soon as the goddess Themis gave him his first food, ambrosia, and nectar to drink, the baby immediately left the island. He went to Delphi, where he tried to build his own temple. There, the dragon Python stood against him, whom the god killed with his bow, though he was still a child. Apollo named that place Pythos and made it a place of worship and there the famous Oracle of Delphi was created and great celebrations were held in his honor. After the death of the dragon, Apollo was considered the protector of moral order and modesty and the punisher...

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A story about Artemis: the goddess of Hunt

Goddess Artemis has a special place among the goddesses of Olympus. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo. In the struggles of Apollo against Python at Delphi and against the children of Niobe, Artemis stood up for him. She was considered an excellent hunter and protector of animals. Artemis used to run in the mountains and forests of Arcadia and Laconia accompanied by the Nymphs. She protected all wildlife, rivers, lakes, meadows and fields, while considered the protector of the fertility of the earth, but also of births, babies and brides. Young men dedicated their hair to Artemis and Apollo when they became older, young women dedicated their toys to her, before their wedding. Artemis...

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