About Artemis & Apollon

Once upon a time, there was a mythical fashion brand for legendary kids...

Artemis & Apollon is a quality, cotton clothing range sharing Greek mythology, its heroes and their adventures with children around the globe through storytelling and illustration.

Each garment has an inspiring story to tell and a friend to meet.

Artemis & Apollon shares these unique stories through fun illustrations in a classic collection of top quality fabrics. With our slow fashion philosophy and working solely with ethical partners, Artemis & Apollon ensures the brand preserves not only the past but the next generation’s future.

Children love stories and Greek mythology has some special adventures to share. Stories of heroes with special powers, brothers and sisters and best friends who conquer fears and foes alike. Through sharing the stories, characters and adventures of Greek mythology with children around the globe we bring the stories of the past into the present



Protecting our heritage – of Greek mythology, and sharing stories of adventure withchildren around the globe.  We aim to protect the world and the next generation from more fast fashion, damaging textiles and dyes and bad practises. 


We focus on making each garment legendary. No plain basics but each with its own hero, not matter how big or small. Children will feel like little legends and part of the story by wearing our clothes.


Greek mythology tells stories of drama and excitement but with mischievous adventures and playfulness at the core. Our tone will always be whimsical – bringing fun,comedy and some  tongue in cheek humour to our clothing range and communications. 


Family values in how we run the business, are of paramount importance. By working with, or buying from the brand you become part of the family where respect and loyalty are never questioned or absent.



 Margarita Asimakopoulou

Following a career working in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce for fashion brands, Margarita Asimakopoulou, founder of Artemis & Apollon, decided it was time to bring her own dream to life. A dream of starting a kid’s clothing brand inspired by her childhood loves, Greek mythology and sketching.

Margarita embarked on the Childrenswear Design course at Central St. Martins to ensure she acquired the best skills for starting her own brand.

As a Greek, Margarita was brought up cherishing the mythological stories of Greek legends and imagining their adventures. This fascination and love has never died and forms the core of her storytelling brand. 

In honour of Margarita’s grandmother, who was named Artemis, the brand pays tribute to a strong, inspiring woman whose legacy lives on today in both Margarita and this brand.


Olya Tsikhanchuk

"Greece has always been a country of inspiration for me. Its history, heritage, influence on the world is amazing! When I was at school, I remember how I was fascinated by the myths and stories about Gods and mystical creatures.

I visited Greece in my mid twenties for the first time and felt I was close to magic. So I couldn't miss the opportunity to work with Margarita on Artemis and Apollon 's first collection! I got to draw the real myths characters that I read about, I tried to translate the 10 days I spent in Greece into the color palette.

The prints are educational too, as I think that clothes fulfil many purposes, not just keep kids warm and make their movement free, but also tell them about how wonderful and magical our world is!"