About Artemis & Apollon

Once upon a time there was a mythical fashion brand for legendary kids....

Artemis & Apollon is not just a quality, cotton clothing range but gives a child a fun friend and hero at their side. Through sharing the stories, characters and adventures of Greek mythology, with parents and children around the globe, we bring the stories of the past into the present for evermore.
Children love stories and Greek mythology has some special adventures to share. Stories of heroes with special powers, brothers and sisters and best friends who conquer fears and foes alike. The appeal of these stories have
never lost their shine, nor the characters their charm. It is time to cherish the
good things of the past and bring them to life for the future – in a kid’s clothing
Artemis & Apollon is a quality, cotton clothing range who cherishes Greek
mythology and shares it’s heroes and their adventures with children
around the globe. Each garment has a story to tell and a friend to meet.
Artemis & Apollon shares not only these unique stories but also works only with
quality textiles and with ethical partners to ensure the whole brand story protects not only the past but the next generations future.
Artemis & Apollon’s range of garments have illustrated characters, inspired by Greek mythology. The characters are friends of the wearer or even extensions of themselves - fantasy fuelled but with a sense of real friendship. Quality is of key importance. Just as we wish to cherish and pass down the legacy of Greek mythology, we wish to cherish the planet. This is why we only use the best cotton and sustainable packaging.
Artemis & Apollon is quality clothing for adventurous heroes and heroines. Sharing Greek mythology with little legends around the globe to cherish, befriend and never be forgotten.
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