About Artemis & Apollon

Once upon a time there was a mythical fashion brand for legendary kids....

Artemis & Apollon is a quality, cotton clothing range sharing Greek mythology, its heroes and their adventures with children around the globe through storytelling and illustration. Each garment has an inspiring story to tell and a friend to meet. Artemis & Apollon shares these unique stories through fun illustrations in a classic collection of top quality fabrics. This classic collection forms the core of the brand with a few special items being added each season. With our slow fashion philosophy and working solely with ethical partners, Artemis & Apollon ensures the brand preserves not only the past but the next generation’s future.
Children love stories and Greek mythology has some special adventures to share. Stories of heroes with special powers, brothers and sisters and best friends who conquer fears and foes alike. The appeal of these stories has never lost their shine, nor the characters their charm. Margarita Asimakopoulou, the brand’s founder, still loves these stories learnt in her childhood and which have such importance in Greek culture still today. She felt it was time to cherish and share the good things of the past and bring them to life for the future – in an illustrated kid’s clothing brand.

The collection:

Artemis & Apollon is quality clothing for adventurous heroes and heroines aged 2 to 11 years. Artemis & Apollon were siblings from Greek mythology. Artemis the goddess of hunting and Apollon the god of poetry and art – the perfect role models for boys and girls around the world today. This capsule, cotton clothing range consists of key, never out of stock, classic silhouettes brought to life with mythology inspired illustrations. The characters are friends of the wearer and even extensions of themselves - fantasy fuelled but with a sense of real friendship. Colourful and eclectic in its combinations, these quality garments are fun and stylish with playful and contemporary illustrations. For the cooler days or evenings we have developed some mix and match classics including sweatshirts, joggers, dresses, skirts and t-shirts in warm colours and with the softest of touch.

Through sharing the stories, characters and adventures of Greek mythology with children around the globe we bring the stories of the past into the present. Whether you want to be like Leon, the lion, or Artemis, the goddess of hunting, each character and illustration has a hidden message and story to be enjoyed, just like the clothing itself.

Contact details:
artemisandapollon.com; Margarita Asimakopoulou, margarita@artemisandapollon.com

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