A story about Apollo: the God of Music

God Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He was born at Delos under a palm tree. As soon as the goddess Themis gave him his first food, ambrosia, and nectar to drink, the baby immediately left the island. He went to Delphi, where he tried to build his own temple. There, the dragon Python stood against him, whom the god killed with his bow, though he was still a child. Apollo named that place Pythos and made it a place of worship and there the famous Oracle of Delphi was created and great celebrations were held in his honor. After the death of the dragon, Apollo was considered the protector of moral order and modesty and the punisher of every transgression. The criminals asked for his help in order to be accepted again by gods and men. 

Apollo was also considered to be the protector of the cities from all evil. Every morning he drove the chariot of the sun, and brought with its rays the light to the earth. Furthermore, because the sunlight was beneficial for agriculture and animal husbandry, together with his sister Artemis they were considered their protectors, as well as of hunting.


According to all ancient poets, Apollo was the most perfect of the gods, the most beautiful, and also considered the protector of athletes.

Finally, he was still considered the god of poetry and music with the forminga symbol, a kind of lyre with four strings, he was the best of the guitarists and the first to drag the dance of the Muses. In each of his appearances he wears a laurel wreath, which was his sacred tree.

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