A story about Artemis: the goddess of Hunt

Goddess Artemis has a special place among the goddesses of Olympus. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo. In the struggles of Apollo against Python at Delphi and against the children of Niobe, Artemis stood up for him. She was considered an excellent hunter and protector of animals. Artemis used to run in the mountains and forests of Arcadia and Laconia accompanied by the Nymphs. She protected all wildlife, rivers, lakes, meadows and fields, while considered the protector of the fertility of the earth, but also of births, babies and brides. Young men dedicated their hair to Artemis and Apollo when they became older, young women dedicated their toys to her, before their wedding.

Artemis was also considered as a protector of the observance of laws and oaths, and also had healing skills, because she helped the sick to be healed. She never fell in love and got married, that is why she was also the protector of the chastity of all virgins. 

From all that we have already mentioned, we should take a look at her close relationship with her brother Apollo, as Apollo is the god of the sun, and she is the goddess of the moon. 

Goddess Artemis was worshiped all over Greece, e.g. in Attica (especially in Rafina and Vravrona), Arcadia, Messinia and Laconia. Her symbols were the moon, the olive tree, the sheaves, the lion, the panther, the deer, the hare, the snake, the turtle and many more. In the works of art he is depicted as young and beautiful, slender, agile, slender and with fast walking. Sometimes he wears a long tunic, holds a bow and quiver. 

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