Our Mythical Values


Protecting our heritage – of Greek mythology, and sharing stories of adventure withchildren around the globe. 

 To inspire and fuel fantasy whilst educating them.

 Whilst we allow children to fantasize, we also provide   role models - like Artemis,
 the goddess of hunting and Apollon god of poetry and   art - with their equal status
 and heroic talents. We aim to protect the world and   next generation from more fast fashion, damaging   textiles and dyes and bad practises.

 We breathe new life into heritage, stories and clothing   for kids to create new icons and inspire.



We are the narrator of legends, sharing the stories of legendary muses and friends. As a brand creating legends is at the core. We focus on making each garment legendary. No plain basics but each with its own hero, not matter how big or small.

Each person working with Artemis & Apollon has a rich story, creative spirit and loves to share their stories to engage and form friendships. Everyone of us has something legendary to share - a talent, experience, story. We are transparent about partners sharing the spot light and their legendary skills which make our brand possible.

Our stories bind global heritage, history and tradition with a modern narrative, to write a new story and create  new legends to be shared. Children will also feel like little legends and part of the story by wearing our clothes.



Greek mythology tells stories of drama and excitement but with mischievous

 adventures and playfulness at the core.                    

 Our tone will always be whimsical – bringing fun,   comedy and some

 tongue in cheek humour to our clothing range and   communications.The culture we create at Artemis &   Apollon is also fun and playful – whilst this is a serious   proposition, enjoyment is at the core.





The Greeks are very proud of their heritage and are warm, fun and expressive. Family is of great importance and children are to be worshipped. 

Greeks take a piece of Greece with them where ever they venture - whether it be the evil eye, Greek mythology or Orthodox beliefs, the Greeks have a rich history to be cherished where ever they may be in the world. Many English words used today originate from Greek too. These influences are of course at
the core of this brand and will influence every decision made.

Family values in how we run the business are of paramount importance. By working with, or buying from, the brand you become part of the family where respect and loyalty are never questioned or absent.