Our Legends

Artemis & Apollon shares not only these unique stories but also works only with quality textiles and with ethical partners to ensure the whole brand story protects not only the past but the next generations future.

Olya Tsikhanchuk our illustrator. 

"Greece has always been a country of inspiration for me. Its history, heritage, influence on the world is amazing! When I was at school, I remember how I was fascinated by the myths and stories about Gods and mystical creatures.

I visited Greece in my mid twenties for the first time, and even though I was on a very touristic isle of Kos, I still could feel I was close to magic. So I couldn't miss the opportunity to work with Margarita on Artemis and Apollon 's first collection! I got to draw the real myths characters that I read about, I tried to translate the 10 days I spent in Greece into the color palette.

The prints are educational too, as I think that clothes fulfil many purposes, not just keep kids warm and make their movement free, but also tell them about how wonderful and magical our world is!"


More legends to come! Stay tuned!