Sustainable kids clothing: baby steps to the future

Did you know that fashion can be sustainable too? 

There are much more to do apart from using paper straws and bags in order to protect our environment and planet. Sustainable fashion produces clothing under not only legal but ethical procedures, that are friendly to the environment and human health.

What does sustainable fashion suggest? ‘’Green Fabric’’. The eco-friendly fabrics are made from bio cotton, bamboo, corn, soya, linen, hemp, nettle, conventional silk, and wool. 

Using sustainable fashion, we protect our planet and by extension all of us. With our slow fashion philosophy and ethical partners, we advocate for buying higher quality clothes that will last longer and show respect to the people, animals, and the planet. 

lion zip hoodie

On the contrary, fast fashion, just like fast food, may be cheaper, but it’s bad for our bodies, planet and the people producing them.

5 facts about Fast Fashion

1. It takes 2,700 litres to produce one cotton t-shirt.
2. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world.
3. Millions of tonnes of textile waste end up in landfills each year.
4. Less than 1% of clothing is recycled into new clothing.
5. The fast fashion industry contributes around 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

So, what's the conclusion?

We have to choose ‘’slow’’! In Artemis & Apollon, we believe that our kids and grandkids deserve a better planet and a brighter future.

Artemis & Apollon is a sustainable, cotton clothing brand who cherishes Greek mythology and shares its heroes & their adventures with children around the globe. Each garment has a story to tell and a friend to meet. The characters are friends of the wearer or even extensions of themselves.

Check out our greek mythology-inspired sustainable clothing, ethically made in Greece.